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The Power of Intention

The year 2009 reverberated with every emotion and every dream I’d ever had screaming through the ether, swirling around me faster and faster, until I thought that I would fall out of my chair. I clung to its sides to keep me on the seat as tears flowed freely down my cheeks. I could taste the saltiness as they touched my lips and followed the line of my mouth to my tongue. It was the sweetest thing I had ever experienced. The magic that Esther Hicks spoke as she transformed into words the emotions she received from Abraham flowed like a breeze around the room. It became sound, entering my ears and sending shivers of exquisite resonance flowing through every cell of my body and into the very core of my being.  


At last the endless searching, asking, and reaching for had brought me to this place where so many people were gathered. I could feel the vibration of all those wonderful souls sending out tentacles of energy and light, reaching towards the stage where Esther stood like a lightning rod, attracting the tentacles to come ever closer. My heart was beating so fast, and I turned towards my husband to say something, though I am not quite sure what. He too had tears of joy in his eyes and the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. He was there with me in this wonderful place of enlightenment and empowerment. 


This excerpt from my book "Now I am Free" gives you a glimps into my life from my Now perspective. For many years I lived and relived my past thinking that by focusing on what had happened before whould automatically steer me clear of things not wanted.


My strict upbringing had left me so disempowered that often I found myself feeling so depressed and alone. I trusted no one and yet I seemed to come up against what I though was dishonest and scheeming people. 


As I delved into my past to try and find clarity I bacame more confused and less enlightened. I was sure I would crash and burn before too long. Then one day I pick up a book that would change my life forever. I have forgotten who the Author was but I remember it was called "Learn to Fly." The words that remained in the recesses of my mind were as follows, "The world is a banquet and half the suckers on this earth are straving to death." 


My interpritation of course refered to the fact that there was an abundance of everything threre for the asking and receiving however we as humans refused to see it. We simply focus on those things not wanted and then continue to see more of it. 


From that day forth I made a concerted effort to begin seeing the world from a different perspective. I wanted wellbeing in my life and I was prepared to try almost anything to have it.


Herein lies the reason behind writing the book "Now I am Free." Years of research and trial and error I found my Truth and wanted to share it with the world. If by writing a biography of my past gave me the opportunity to help even just a few of my worldly family then I was prepared to do that.  


I do not consider it to be a sacrifice and in doing it I feel no guilt for the situation of the world, I have a gift and it is my greatest wish and dream to share this gift with the world. My gift has been called by many names, Life Coach, Motivator, Spiritual Guidance, Clairvoyant and Teacher.


 If giving a name to unconditional love is relevant to you then I am all these things, but if names are irrelevant to you and you live by what you feel then I gift this book and all work I do to you from my heart. Herein lies the possibility for you to find your own truth and guidance.






Linda Lang's journey to peace has not been an easy one. In their childhood, she and her four siblings entered the social welfare system and endured what many would consider to be unbareable circumstances, shunted from orphanage to orphanage. In Now I am Free, Lang invites you into her long and hard-fought journey for understanding, forgiveness, healing, and hope, as she struggled to create her own identity.

Her childhood was stolen from her, as she and her siblings experienced what she calls "soul enslavement." Candidly and honestly she describes a life of powerlessness and abuse, of private emotions and painful secrets, and of lies and misconceptions that have haunted her.

She traces a journey up her personal and intimate ladder of enlightenment and inspiration, as she slowly dicovers her own truth-empowerment can set you free.

Her hope is that her story will resonate with others who have survived difficult childhoods as well.
she seeks to inspire and empower, to povide the base courage for you to start your own journey of discovery. All it takes to get started is one small step at a time, upward towards freedom. She incourages you to make the effort to step outside the box, ask questions and never settle for anything less than the very best.

Even if you have never lived in fear and powerlessness, her story of survival will inspire you to appreciate and strive for your personal truth and empowerment.


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